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At Oceana High School in Pacifica, California, we put on a week of educational field trips to supplement our lack of funding for elective classes. For this to be pulled off, we need funding. That is where you come in. Here is my class/field trip's description. Getting to Know the REAL Bay Area--Strike, Rebellion, and Revolutionary Action: San Francisco's Proud History of Insurrection. This Interim will consist of five days of guided tours that will allow students to walk the same picket lines as the strikers of the 1934 West Coast General Strike--which sent shock waves through union hiring halls and corporate boardrooms around the globe. San Francisco’s waterfront was the epicenter of this labor rights battle--and many a labor martyr was created on the docks, piers, and warehouses that jut into San Francisco’s frigid bay. Many of the professors, staff, and librarians of the J. Paul Leonard Labor Archives and Research Center will be helping lead or inform these tours, and they will also be facilitating a mock labor contract negotiation session on the SFSU campus. This week will be rich in history and help connect students with the Bay Area’s righteously rebellious past.
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